Green Models for Site Development: Applying The National Green Building Standard to Land & Lots by NAHB Land Development - NAHB

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Green Models for Site Development

By (author)  NAHB Land Development
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Book Description

This handy field guide will help you capitalize on existing desirable land features when planning and designing projects under the National Green Building Standard™. Through five comprehensive case studies you’ll see how other builders and developers earned the highest green ratings and home buyer approval by preserving on-site natural beauty, limiting the development footprint, and reducing outdoor maintenance. Whether you are building on an urban infill lot, developing a rural site, or reclaiming a suburban greyfield, this book will help you construct communities that reflect a green lifestyle.


Learn how to


  • Design properties to ensure they are at least as green as the homes that will be built on them
  • Achieve maximum points for each lot/land development practice required by the NGBS
  • Reduce traffic, noise, and heat islands
  • Decrease pollution and recycle land development waste
  • Limit clearing and grading
  • Create landscaping that conserves water
  • Protect and preserve trees as a desirable amenity
  • Apply green development techniques to a storm water management strategy
  • Minimize environmental disruption from utility lines

Green Models for Site Development includes the actual scoring sheets from the National Green Building Standard™ Commentary that details the intent of each land and lot development practice, and educational resources to help you master the art of green land development.