Home Maintenance Made Easy: What to Do, When to Do It, When to Call for Help : 9780867187199 - NAHB

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Home Maintenance Made Easy

What to do,When to do it,When to call for help
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Book Description

Make peace, not war, with your home aching from another weekend playing home repair warrior? Tired of spending precious vacation time performing home maintenance heroics that you put off all year? Whether you love your home or hate it, spending a few minutes each week caring for it is essential to ensuring its livability and value now and the best sales price later.


Home maintenance made easy : What to do, When to do it, When to call for help book provides a sensible approach to regular home maintenance. It’s a small commitment with a big payoff: spending a few minutes each week helps you avoid long-term preventable problems such as water damage, pests, and air infiltration that can cost you money now and even more money in the future.


Home maintenance made easy text will actually save your cash by teaching you how easily you can prioritize and perform common maintenance tasks quickly and what to know before you call in a pro. You’ll learn the latest energy saving products, tips, and techniques to put your money in your pocket right now. And you’ll be able to spend the money you save on the coveted man cave, kitchen remodel, or a brand new home.


Home maintenance made easy will help you :


• Manage tasks with handy month-by-month checklists

• Organize records of parts, repairs, warranties, replacements, and phone numbers/contact information in one place

• Troubleshoot problems step-by-step

• Learn when to “do it yourself” and when to call in a pro

• Assemble an inexpensive home maintenance toolbox

• Preserve your investment and keep your home looking like new

• Avoid costly mistakes