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Living Green Effortlessly

Simple Choices for a Better Home
By (author)  Marla Esser Cloos
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Book Description

Proceeds benefit the Building Hope Scholarship Fund.


It is plain old common sense: you want your home to look great, feel great, and perform great. Is it even possible to do all three—without breaking the bank? Yes! In Living Green Effortlessly: Simple Choices for a Better Home, Marla Esser Cloos shows you how to make your home green—whether you live in a small apartment in the big city or a brand new single-family home in the suburbs. From integrating smart technology into your home (it’s easier than you think!) to planting a rain garden, there are all kinds of ways to live greener. The book covers these topics: • Home systems—windows, appliances • Household products—from cleaning products to paper goods • Smart technology • Landscaping • Documentation • Home maintenance—including a checklist for every season Living Green Effortlessly gives you simple steps that can save money now, increase your home’s value, and make your home healthier for you, your family—and the environment.