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Single-Family Builder Compensation Study, 2017 Edition

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Book Description

Salary, Bonus, and Benefit Data for 39 Jobs Across the Industry The Single-Family Builder Compensation Study, 2017 Edition was conducted in July 2017 by the NAHB Housing Policy and Economics Group. It collected data on compensation and benefits for 39 common positions at single-family home building companies. The data were analyzed by region of the country, 2017 expected dollar volume, number of expected starts in 2017, and number of employees on payroll. Findings are presented from two different perspectives: • Compensations and Benefits across 39 Positions—a broad view of the full-time positions that currently exist at single-family building companies as well as a comparison of average total compensation and benefits across positions. • Compensation and Benefits by Position—a detailed view of each position’s average compensation and benefits. Results from this survey provide single-family builders with current information that can be used to benchmark their employees’ level of compensation and benefits.