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Bring your institution an extensive, always available electronic reference library from the NAHB Builder Books (NAHB).

NAHB publications help professionals keep on top of cutting edge technology and standards; improve organizational performance; strategize for the future; hone their leadership skills; meet Meaningful Use requirements; learn perspectives of industry leaders; and advance in their career.

With NAHB eBooks, libraries can now:

  1. Enjoy anytime, anywhere access to today's premier collections focused on numerous topics in healthcare information technology and management systems

  2. Spend less time researching vital reference information.

  3. View online with PCs or download to mobile devices.

  4. Access full text, visuals, and data tables.

  5. Rapidly search across the individual titles or the entire collection.

  6. Annotate, highlight, or bookmark information for ready reference.

Choose from a single eBook subscription by concurrent user or subscribe to the complete collection based on the needs of your institution.