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iPad App instructions
Android App instructions

iPad Information

Steps for downloading eBooks to iPad®
  • Download the NAHB eBooks iPad app first from iTunes :

  • Please login using your registered credentials for "Account" tab.

  • Then, tap on the "Close" button to close the "Account" window.

  • Next, please tap on "My Bookshelf" tab at the bottom of the iPad app .

  • Your purchased eBook(s) will appear to be greyed out. Please tap on the eBook, it will start downloading to the "My Bookshelf" in the app.

  • Once it is downloaded, tap on the eBook to read it offline.


Reading your eBook on your Android Device

Please follow the steps below to download your purchased eBooks to your Android Device :-

  1. Download the NAHB eBooks app from Google Play: Link
  2. Login using the registered credentials from the 'Account' tab [through the menu option].
  3. Tap on 'Bookshelf Option'.
  4. Here, your purchased eBook(s) will be listed with a Download Option.
  5. Tap on the eBook, it will start downloading to the 'Bookshelf '.
  6. After downloading, you can access eBook(s) from the'Bookshelf '.
android app screenshot